Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm bumpin' Tammy

so that I can show you photos of Nicki's grad. I have over 200 proofs I have to go through... She was so pretty. And I was so proud.Loved her dress. (From Once Upon a Bride)The back of it was pretty too.This is one of the few photos I have of me from that day. That's a warning to all scrapbookers out there, hand over the camera!!LOL, I love this one of my girls.

And finally, check out her shoes! Yes! Converse! (Footlocker) The purple and green checkers went perfectly with her dress.

Thanx for letting me share! And my test went well, btw! It was about as hard as I thought it would be, but I don't get results for about 8 weeks. I know! 8 Weeks!! I need 61 to pass, so I'm feeling pretty confident. And if I do fail, I can take it again in Feb. so it's not the end of the world.

Have a good week! Don't forget to check out Tammy's peek in the post below this one!


another day, another peek!!!

here is your second peek!!!!

have a great day everyone

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

good day!!!!

finally the kids are all done school!!!! yeahhhhhhh im glad to have them home...for now!!!!

Ive been busy creating away the july kit, and have fallen in love with it!!!

we have a small delay in the release this month, but i promise u wont be disappointed with the kit!! we should be ready by the 5th for full release.This is why i held off the sneak peeks till now....i will release one sneak a day till we are ready to go!!! those that know you paper lines may be able to guess what this one is, and any scrapper i know wants this paper line!!!
here is the first sneak peek.....

until tomorrow ladies...have great sun shinnnnney day!!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

This week's challenge:

Hi! sorry this is late today! I'm afraid the day got away from me. But I'm here now, ready to challenge you in the week ahead!

Are you ready for it?

Ready, set, 1, 2, 3,
Your challenge this week is to use a number as a title. Here's a layout of my mom and dad (taken on Mother's day) I traced a chipboard 2 onto a paper bag, and cut it out. I inked it up pretty good, and stuck it on a tag that I'd stamped on with some of the drool-worthy stamps from Tim Holtz.
I had some of the circles that I'd punched out from previous projects, and laid them out, and sprayed with mist over the background. I used a clock stamp in a few circles. And I also stamped little circles, using the end of a pencil.There's some masking tape. Some random sewing. Another stamped up tag that I punched butterflies out. A little lace. Just a fun, junked up layout, dontcha think?
so now it's your turn, use numbers as your title. Use a number to signify the number of kids you have. Or do a countdown to (or from) a holiday. Use a number for age. Or perhaps your address? There are so many possibilities!
Any questions or comments? I love to hear from you and I read all your comments, even when they're not directed to me, lol
Have a good week! See you later!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Off on another adventure

I was approved for a last minute thing at work. I am off on another adventure for a week. Dont worry, the challenge will still be posted on Monday as usual. The others will be chatty as usual.

I cant wait to see what they have cooked up for you all next week! I love coming back and checking the blog and seeing the inspiration and layouts and stories from everyone.

Hope you do to!

On a scrapbooking note, I was browsing scrapbooking websites for inspiration the other day. I found this layouts. I *heaert* it. I am going to be lifting it soon. Very very soon. I love the large photo and then all the tiny tiny ones. The only differences I would make would be to use different pictures in the tiny ones, not the same as the large and make it into a 2 pager.....but watch for it when I get back.

Have a great weekend. Take lots of pictures (I know I will be!). Have a safe and happy Canada Day :)


Thursday, June 24, 2010

busy weekend

So my busy weekend is finally arriving. We start today with Darby's graduation from grade 5 into junior high. Tonight, we have Mass for my oldest daughter's graduation from grade 12. Tomorrow we run around for hair appointments, make-up appointments, pictures, and trying to find someone to tie Nicole's boyfriend's tie as we prepare for grad. Saturday we head up to Edmonton, so that Sunday I can write my optician's exam. I'm tired just thinking of it!
You know there will be tonnes of photos taken from me.
The following is a layout I did of Nicki's hair trial. I chose the song title "The best is yet to come" (by Hedley) as a play on words. The photos were of her hair and make-up trial for grad, and so she has another day of playing princess yet. But also, she has a wonderful lifetime ahead of her yet. I thought it suited the page well.
I think she's beautiful at the best of times, but her hair and make-up made her especially pretty that day. There's a little misting. Some butterflies emerging (like her). Some ink.The layout also has an envelope (from Maya Road) that I plan on slipping some personal journaling in for her to read one day. I'm so proud of her, and I'm sure I'll cry not just at her grad, but at her little sister's too. My girls are growing up so fast!

So have a good weekend. I'm glad to hear Kari's doing ok. You're in my thoughts girlie!! I'll let you all know when I'm back from Edmonton. Take care, happy scrapping!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sorry in advance

this is NOT scrapbooking related.

I just got an update on Kari and she is doing ok :) Sore but ok. Glad our leader is slowly recouperating. Thought I would share as everyone has been worried about her.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do you have an article of clothing that you've practically worn to death? I do. I have a pair of boots that the leather (if it's real leather) has been worn right off, the rubber sole is lifting and my feet get wet when it rains (and it's rained a lot lately!)
Yet I can't bear to throw them out. I'm such a pack rat! So I figured I document my love of these boots, and then I think I have to buy new ones. Always nice to have an excuse to go shopping, isn't it?I did my journalling on strips of paper, then cut them apart and inked the edges. I have some fantastic canvas flowers from Kari that were cut with Tim Holtzes' new dies. Drool. I so have to get that die for myself.
I laid down some old chipboard swirls that Fancy Pants put out years ago on my Jillibean paper, and sprayed it with mist. I had a transparency cut a little larger than 4 x 6, and I painted around that before putting down my photo. There's just a slight border, an interesting touch, yes? And I folded up some ribbon. I am thinking that the glue dots arent' holding it down well enough, and I might just end up sewing down the folds.
So that's it! Enjoy the week, looks like it might not rain as much as they say it will today, knock on wood! Any questions or comments, please feel free to ask.
And Carolyn, I answered how I made the perfect circles back on the post you asked about it. :)
Have a good day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekly Challenge

My challenge to you this week is to use a play on words in your title.

I think you can see where I went with mine. We went to the Just Fur Fun petting zoo in Coaldale last summer. It was fun to watch her interact (or not so much lol) with the animals.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Its a cinch ;)

Oh my gosh! Kari missed posting about this new arrival in her post the other day. I was in the store Thursday night and turned......viola! The CINCH is in ladies!
This machine is similar to the Bind it All, but makes circular holes and you are not limited to using them all! Did you read that? Yes, you can pick and choose which holes to punch.
You are welcome ;)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Yet another version

Yah, you can say I have issues. It's ok. I've made peace with it. I really really like doing this style of layout. The paint is fun. The spray ink is fun. The stamps are fun. Each one is the same, and yet unique.This is my baby brother, Clay. He's so funny. He had Darby's hat on Mother's day and figured he was all that and a bag of chips. Sorry girls, he's married, lol lol lol. I love my baby brother because he is as much of a goof ball as I am. I love the bit of pen that goes around each circle, the photo, and the entire layout. I like that some circles are darker than other. The random star stamps... all scrappy goodness to me.
I used up some old letter stickers... different fonts and styles for the title, it all works because it's so random.
I have an unexpected day off today. I think today will be a good day to clean out my closet, but I should probably build an ark. I plan on hiding out in my scrapping room too, but I can't promise that I won't make another layout that's different, lol
Have a good day!
btw, you can double click on the last 2 photos to see them bigger. :)
*** to know how I did the nice circles *** check this out: at Studio Calico's blog I'm hoping that will help you out.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just Arrived....
Robins Nest Dew Drops, in 10 different color combinations. (Selling Fast)
Making Memories Slice Hands Free Units, for special order ladies!
7 Gypsies ATC Photo Trays
Plus a few October Afternoon 8x8 paper pads

Anyone scrappin with this crazy silly rain we are having? Can't do much else, so might as well scrap! Don't get too wet... Plus still 2 spots left in for the pizza crop, call the store in the morning to book your spot!

Another version

This is to show you how versatile (seriously, is that spelled right?? spellchecker says so, but really??) my second last challenge is. This version has a black background, lime green paint, and a white gel pen. By the way Kari, I need another white pen, could you set me one aside? Thanx! :) Huh, I just noticed how crooked this is. I've been taking pictures of my layouts outside on my step cause the lighting is better and I think it gives an interesting background. But still, I could at least take pictures straight on. For Mother's day, Nicole bought me that houndstooth tape. Love it! And for the letter D, I traced a chipboard letter onto cardstock, and just painted in the letter, and cut it out.
The stars were very carefully heat embossed in white. Cute hat my kid has, huh? I seriously loved that last challenge, and I've done a lot of different versions of it. I love getting my fingers dirty with paint!
Have a good day!
btw, you can click on the last 2 smaller photos to make big, but not the one of the layout. Sorry, we're still trying to figure this all out. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lots of Photos

You know how I *heart* 2 page layouts. And you know how I *heart* using lots of photos. And you know that I *heart* my niece Kbear :)

Here are all 3 together with the photos I got at the Doodlebop concert back in March. 21 photos. I did a collage on the right with the 3 main photos of the day on the left. I even fit in journalling onto the page :)

I think the smile says it all with her excitement of the day.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekly challenge!

Good morning!
Remember when I challenged you 2 weeks ago to paint in the negative space? Well this week is similar, but I'm going to change it up. Change is good, remember? I had all those leftover circles punched out, and I thought we should be able to do something with them.
So your challenge is this, use those circles to make a negative space, and to challenge you furtner, don't use any boughten patterned paper.
I took my circles, and placed them all over a plain white piece of cardstock, and sprayed it with two colours of mist, one yellow, one brown. Once dried, I inked the edges. I took a leftover brown bag, crumpled it, and inked it, and adhered it. I had a tag that I stamped on with Tim Holtz's new line of stamps and added that to the mess too. Some masking tape, punched butterflies, some sewing, staples, and a few buttons were added too. I add my niece's photo, added her name, and done!It was fun coming up with ways to make it interesting with colours and textures. The tag was a total mistake, but I loved how it worked out, and I'm going to try to incorporate something like that again.
So go on, challenge yourself today... negative space and homemade patterned paper. Have fun!!
See you later this week!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

These were my apple trees about a week or so ago. The blosssoms on them don't last very long againest the wind and the snow. They are very pretty and I can often smell the blooms in my kitchen. It's amazing how many bees start buzzing around them, looking for nectar. I noticed last night when I got home from work that my tree is filled with hard, small, little apples. It won't be long, and I'll have my hands filled with crab apples that no one wants to eat. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these photos... I would like to frame one or two I think.
Have you lots of plans for this weekend? It seems like most of my activities are all piled up on the calendar for the end of June. My daughter's have field trips and graduations and sleep overs and all kinds of parties planned, and I'll be writing my licensing exam the same weekend as my daughter's high school grad. I love being busy, though.
I'm trying to think of something exciting and interesting for Monday's challenge. We have a soccer game at 845 this morning that I should be getting ready for, and then another at noon. I'd like to go out on a photo shoot sometime this weekend, too, but I'm not sure if I can get away.
Have a good weekend!
btw, you can double click my photos to see them bigger. Why??? I don't know what I've done differently, but it is nice to see them bigger.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What are you up to this weekend?

Last weekend i spent an amazing weekend scrpabooking with friends. I got a few layouts done and I am so happy with them.

This weekend my cousin is in town playing in a ball tourney....I might get the chance to watch a game (if they dont cross with work all the time!). Maybe I will get the chance to get a few pics too? Who knows. It will be nice to spend time with them nonetheless.

Are you going to take advantage of the nice weather that is supposed to be our way? Get out in your garden and yard? Take a walk in the park?

Hope you enjoy your weekend! dont forget to record your memories. it is the everyday little things that count in scrapbooking as well.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have I mentioned to you yet, that Nicole brought me back a Prada bag when she went to Europe this spring? She was there while it was my birthday, and when she saw this Prada, she couldn't resist. Now, it's blackmarket Prada, probably stolen or a knock-off, but, the leather smells wonderful. The street vendor offered it to her for a hundred euro, but she turned it down, and was then told, for her, only 45 euro.
I would never pay 45 dollars for a purse, let alone 45 euros, mostly cause I'm cheap. But my daughter loves me, and it made a wonderful gift. Honestly, I don't know my Prada from a Versace, but it is fun to say I have a Prada from my daughta'. (lol) It's a huge purse, and I can never find a thing in it, but I love it.
So when you're a scrapper, with a lovely purse and a fun story, what do you do? Well, if you're me, you scrap about it. :) It's a quick layout, nothing to crazy or fancy. But I love that I've saved the story of my Prada bag. Maybe one day, if I get brave, I'll scrap about the contents! lol wouldn't that be a little scary?? Hope you're having a good week, happy scrappin' and all that!

Monday, June 7, 2010

52 weeks of challenges....

Happy Monday! Sorry for the delay, blogger has been down since last night. Gotta love technology.

This week's challenge is a sketch to use as inspiration and make your own! I bring you a sketch by my new favourite sketch artist, Allison Davis. She is amazing and her sketches are awesome! She is based in the US and has her sketch books for sale through Scrapbook Generations. There are currently 5 books available with a 6th on the way in July. They also have a card sketch book.
Allison's sketches use a lot of 4x6 photos. She wants people to be able to grab a stack of photos they have printed, grab a sketch, grab paper and embellishments and get a layout completed. Even when there are smaller photos, she usually crops a 4x6 photo down to the correct size.

Each month, Allison does a Sketch Week on her blog (which happens to be this week!). She picks one of her sketches and then each day that week posts a layout or two based on that particular sketch and how she used it for inspiration. She lists the changes and similarities to the sketch for each layout. Simply amazing! Allison's sketch week was the stepping stone to my challenge for you this week. I am including the sketch as well as the two layouts I completed using it as inspiration. You can see the similarities as well as the fact that they are different enough.

Here is the sketch I picked for your challenge this week (click on it to make it larger):
Sketch copyright Allison Davis, Scrapbook Generations

Here is my 1st layout based on the sketch (click on the picture to make it larger):

Here is my 2nd layout based on the sketch (click on the picture to make it larger):

I hope you enjoy this challenge! I know I did.....I cant wait to get to my next sketch :) Please bring your layouts in to the store for Kari to take a picture of, or email a copy to the store. We will post it on the blog to show YOUR inspired layout from this sketch.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

June kit purchasers....

It was brought to my attention that some of the kits were sold over the past few days without your picking out your cardstock sheet to go with it!

If you purchased your kit this past week and did NOT pick out a sheet of cardstock to go with it, please contact Kari at the store to get that taken care of.

With the kit, you get to pick one sheet that will match your colour scheme - be it a wedding colour, grad dress colour, house colour or a colour you really like - to use as your accent with the black and white.

ps....they are going fast - only a couple of kits left already! Get yours right away. Dont miss out. They make an easy and beautiful gift :)


I am so excited!

My friends are down to scrapbook this weekend. We are letting our creativity flow this weekend. We are getting down and dirty with the scrapbooking this weekend. One has a recipe book to finish up. I have some layouts of Kbear (shocking, I know!) I want to finish up. Another has a ton of 4x6 photos she wants to get through and Kari, well she is chatting it up hahahaha

Speaking of 4x6 photos, you want to be here Monday to see my challenge! I have found the most amazing thing to get through lots of 4x6 photos in a quick and easy amount of time.

See you then!
Until Monday, enjoy the sunny, warm, not windy (so far) weekend!
Be good, record your memories :)


Friday, June 4, 2010

happy Friday!

See anything wrong with this layout? Besides it being a little bit crooked? Do you see where I had a little problem and needed to fix it?Maybe if I show you a different angle? See where it says "photographs"? Yah, that didn't turn out very well when I laid down the glue and tried to add glitter over it. And truth be told, the swirl on the n in Noteworthy didn't turn out so hot either. So to fix it, I was generous with the placement of some buttons and swirls, and if I didn't tell you, you'd not have known that that wasn't on purpose. And there's nothing wrong with this picture, I just wanted to show you another close up of the layout. Don't panic when layouts don't work out the way you had pictured in your head. Flaws make them a little more interesting, and most of the time they can be fixed. Besides, it's the memories that are the most important. There aren't any scrapping police (that I'm aware of) that are going to arrest you for having imperfect layouts. :)
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A reminder of a personal nature...

Ok I admit, this is not about scrapbooking, but it is for everyone's safety. This is a reminder with summer travel coming up. Give Emergency vehicles and operators room to work. Save yourself a HUGE fine! As a retired RCMP's kids, I have known about this for years. I have followed it for years. I have know people who have been killed doing their job. It shocks and amazes me how many people do not know this is law. Please be safe this summer, and keep others around you safe too.

The Give Us Room to Work campaign is supported by law enforcement, fire rescue, EMS, towing and other roadside assistance vehicle operators throughout the province. In 2005, the Alberta Traffic Safety Act was amended to include tow and utility vehicles working at roadside. The Act requires drivers to slow to 60 km/h, or less if the posted speed is lower, and move out of the lane adjacent to roadside workers when they see vehicle lights flashing. Drivers who fail to do this can expect fines ranging from $115 to $703 or more.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The sun is shining today!

Can I say just how good it is to see the sun shining when I got up this morning?? I don't mind the rain too much, but it gets a little gloomy after awhile. I woke up with sun on my face, and I think today my youngest is going to finally have soccer again!
I bet everyone is starting to get busy with end-of-the-year activities, and we're no exception. We've got grade 5 farewell, grad, soccer, my favourite aunt visiting from New Brunswick, and my own final exams are approaching fast too. But it's important to grab that camera and snap off a picture or two, cause time moves too fast. Even if you don't scrap them right away, make yourself some notes so the journalling is easier for when you do. Enjoy the sunshine, have a good day!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June kit release

Well here it is the 1st day of June. I cant believe that this year is 6 months in. Here is my kit......hope you enjoy! Limited quantities available. It makes a great gift - not only for upcoming weddings and grads but also for a birthday, Christmas or just because.

This kit was inspired by upcoming weddings and graduations. Black and White are classic colours. Add a pop of colour and viola! An Instant classic gift. I wanted to make a quick and easy gift for friends and/or family. But, let me say that this kit is versatile and can be used for anyone at anytime – parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. It can be given as a shower gift, for a birthday or even Christmas. Don’t limit yourself!

This kit will allow you to follow the directions as provided, or to make it your own. Don’t feel like you have to use my ideas if you prefer to use a different paper or layout. I loved the “quieter” papers in the kit, but if you are making a gift for people who are bolder personalities, go for it.

With this kit, you will receive:
• Meadowlark Dawn paper kit (9 double sided papers as well as a diecut sheet)
• Pearls
• Tim Holtz swirls
• 1 pc of 12x12 cardstock (colour of your choice – add at time of purchase)
• 11x14 canvas

PLEASE NOTE - You will require a very strong adhesive like ATG gun, Pioneer double sided tape or Tombow adhesive (quick drying wet adhesive). This is not included in the kit.
Decorating a canvas is like working on a larger background. I layout my canvases as I would a layout. It makes it easier for my brain to wrap around the concept of working on a larger canvas. This one will have a 5x7 black and white wedding photo put on to it, but I am just waiting for one of the girls at work to bring it in for me :)

I had left over paper and pearls, so I threw together this little extra bonus in the kit. On this card I coloured the pearls with a sharpie marker. You could also use Tim Holtz/Ranger distress inks. Match it to the gift or the colours and viola, easy card to give.

Thanks for looking. Kits are available and ready at the store for you. Enjoy!