Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone...
Are you all looking forward to the great weather we are having & should have for tomorrow. Remember to take lots of pictures... enjoy, be safe & don't eat too much candy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tammy's dear Daughter in the hospital.

a long recovery will be ahead & we wish her all the best, try & get some rest, if anyone wishes to hear more of Tammy & Azy's journey, please feel free to email us & we will pass along the message

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Check out some October Kit Inspiration from Tammy... loved the colors in this kit, so rich & warm. Great pictures Tam!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

60 days

until Christmas!!!!! Let the countdown begin!

Are you making cards? Have you seen all the amazing new papers at the store? I stopped by yesterday in hopes of a card falling into my lap....the card didnt, but the paper did! LOL I have a *few* ideas floating around. I was hoping to get to some today but not in the scrappy mood I guess. Maybe next weekend! lol

Are you planning to make gifts? Check out some of the ideas Kari and the design team have in and around the store. Some very cute mini book ideas, a bunch of cards with a holder, 2 page layouts that you can frame.

Do you remember Advent Calendars from when you were a kid? Those little chocolates each day.........ya you can still get them, but they arent the same. Why not make your own? Kari has an amazing sample of a cookie sheet one in the store of one she made - it may even be a class? So fun!!!!! I have also seen them made with a flip book, little boxes attached to the wall and also a drawer one. My friends mom made one for them with empty film canisters. So fun if you want to put little gifts to the kids or yourself lol.

Dont forget to ask Kari and the girls about the Christmas Wish List. I know this has helped a *few* darling husbands, boyfriends, significant others in the past! You just write down your list and they keep it on file. As the items are purchased, they are marked off your list. Perfect!

Oh and the always popular gift certificate.....gotta love them....for yourself, for a friend, for a coworker or just because.

60 days. Are you ready????????



So I finally found the pictures I took of the banners I made for my nieces bedrooms...they were my first attempt, and i have to say they are quite addicting. Since these two I have made a summer one, and just recently a halloweeen one, (which is hanging in the store over the cardstock). All my letters were cut out with the slice & most of the rest of the banners are just made from scraps of stuff in my stash. Enjoy & let me know what you think....:)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


CRAZY, FUN, FABULOUS Weekend we had.... Just wanted to send out a BIG thank you to all who attended our Croptacular on the weekend, it was amazing. Too laugh, be silly, scare each other, bring out the bling & put on some perfume....I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! For those of you who could not make it....we missed you & hopefully you will be able to make it next time.

Make sure you check instore to see some of the upcoming classes, grab some of the fabulous christmas paper that is in.

Take care everyone...:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

1 More Sleep...
Are you ready? Are you packed? What you working on?

We are very excited for you to come & play, relax & have fun at our 3rd Croptacular...we are still working on things, but promise to be ready & have bells on for when you arrive! Sleep there won't be much sleep this weekend...:)
See you tomorrow...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

MORE GLITTER! SO EXCITED....once, twice, 3 times a charm..., or 3rd shipment should I say.

More glitter has just arrived, with even some more new colors...COME SEE....:) you won't be able to pick just one! Hope to see you soon....don't eat too much turkey & take lots of pictures!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Hey guys, how's it going? I'm having myself a bit of a lazy day today. Thought about making some homemade pretzels to warm the house up, but it sounds a lot like work, doesn't it? I might just anyway. I'm also gonna do a little scrapping today, and I'd like to finish up on some laundry. Seems like there's always something to do. Are you coming to Croptober fest?? I have to start packing for that too!!

Anyways, do you remember my elevator layout I posted a little while ago? Well, I have a few more things to show you from that same weekend. My parents grew up not far from each other, even though it was in two different provinces. After we left my grandma's funeral, we headed for home, but first we detoured to where my mom grew up. Mom's old farm has been abandoned for many years. I really wish now that I'd brought my SLR, and had more time, but I still got some interesting shots. There were tonnes of mosquitoes out then too, and they were practically eating me alive!

I messed around with the photos in Photoshop, made them look older and more worn.
I'd been saving this BG pp for a very long time... love the blue and yellow wheat that is on it, and it worked very well for these photos. I did some stitching with my sewing machine. When I was looking for yellow buttons, I fell across one lone heart shaped yellow one, and it was perfect for on my title block.

And this layout is of my youngest out for a walk when we were camping early this summer. The patterned paper isn't something you can buy, but you can make it yourself! :D
I took a brown paper bag, and I stamped numerous times with a script background stamp (in black ink, 2nd generation) Over that, I stamped the butterflies and birds in black ink. Over top of that, I added the stamps that said "beautiful" and "dreamer" in both black and red. After that, I crumpled it, and took brown ink to the edges and over the dips and folds of the crinkled paper. It was all very random, very, very messy, and a lot of fun. I liked a few of the butterflies, so I cut them out to use as further embellishments, and used my butterfly punch to add a few more.
I had some black lace that worked well for the bottom of the photo. And if you know me, you know I love the colour red... so I add in some red jewels to the butterflies, and some red buttons (cause I'm all about the buttons! LOL), a Heidi Swapp circle sticker, and called it good. The background cardstock is embossed with circles, and when I inked the edges, a few of them were quite obvious and lovely. The masking tape is just one of my latest favorite things to add when I can. Just cheap, ol' masking tape, just inked up enough to add some colour and texture.
Just some little detail shots....
Ok, so that's what I have to show you. Enjoy the rest of your lazy, scrap a little, take photos, or whatever...but enjoy!
~Ronni H.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ok...........Oct Kit Reveal!

I LOVED this kit!!!! So my colours!!!! Get to the store and get it now!!!! It is a very limited quantity. You do not want to miss out. Every picture I have seemed to match. But then again, my entire house if chocolate brown and lime green ;)

Sorry I am a bit delayed. It is 1030pm on Thursday, I leave tomorrow for a week holidays. i havent finished packing, I havent had supper, I havent finished cleaning my house. Argh!!! Where did the week go??? LOL

Here are my kit layouts. i have a few more that are 1/2 finished which I will post when I get them done.

Alright - sorry for the blurry photo - I didnt have time to scan them in this month. It is a happy birthday card though lol

A quick and easy Hi card

A quick and easy Thank You card.

She is growing up so so so fast!!!! She was looked so big in her infant car seat and now she looks so tiny in her big girl car seat!!!

Oh that look - it is so her (I think she gets that from me even if she is my niece lol). But the layout is about This Chair. It is from my sister and my childhood. Now Kbear gets to play with the playhouse set.

I am back from my cruise on the 11th. I hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving with your family and friends, or however you spend the long weekend.

~~Melanie :)
Octobers Challenge of 12...
this month we would like you to actually stick to taking the pictures on the 12th...and our topic will be "TODAY I"sound like fun doesn't it...come on & join us in taking some great pictures on Thanksgiving...:)

Octobers KIT, is now ready for pick up...Melanie has been busy, busy, busy this week, so she probably has not had a chance to post her stuff, but soon....if she does not have a chance, i will do it for her, as she is leaving on Saturday, and hopefully taking flat Kari with her.

If you have not had a chance to stop in you should do so soon!!!
Lots of new paper, stamps, peel offs are here & just waiting for you to come play. :) have a great weekend everyone.