Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You really should go check out, the New Downtown Blog!

Curious on what the people are like behind our downtown buisnesses? Everyweek there is a new buisness featured, with video explaining about what is unique about them. By weeks end you should be able to see our video...:) Please go check it out & let us know what you thought.

http://www.ourdowntown.blogspot.com/ it is also linked on our side bar.

Monday, June 29, 2009

July kit reveal

July kit - today!

Kari has the kit ready to go today!
I had a ton of fun with it. A bit daunting at first - I wont lie, but once I started to play, the ideas just flowed. Awesome for wedding or anniversaries or kids pages.....versitile eh? lol

I will be posting my layouts tonight after work. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Schools Just about OUT!!!
So is the countdown on??? My youngest is now done, with the days being counted down to the number of days left for my oldest. We are looking forward to a great summer, hopefully camping lots, ball for my boy & some unfortunate yard work.

Hope to see you lots over the summer, to get out of the heat! Remember, members the classroom, is free to use, just call before hand to make sure the room is open. It's a great way to spend a afternoon. SCRAPPIN!

Till later....Kari

Friday, June 19, 2009

HEY!!! cool make'n' take!!!

hey ladies its friday again!!!! that means a cool make 'n' take for ya. if you have not made your father's day card yet or have no inspiration, come see what we are making today, i see so many possibilities with this card.

remember: with 20$ purchase its free, and $ 2.00 other wise. lets show kari how much we appreciate her hard work in finding these cute projects for us!!!! drop by today and join us for a little paper fun..... hope to see ya here today!!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Howdy! =D

So, have your kids finished school yet for the summer? Pretty close, eh? My oldest wrote her final exam yesterday, and is now officially finished. Next year, grade 12. How time flies... seriously. And my little one has another week and a day of school. Not really school though, they had a swim day on Mon. and yesterday a field trip to Writing on Stone, and Friday will be track and field day... Not sure why they have to go so long, but it is what it is.
So, I'm planning on camping this weekend, so I thought I'd show you what I did with the kit.

My cards are simple (again) Do you see where I got the idea for my "hi" card? The leftover bits from the layout of Dave and I! Love it when I can use up some scraps! And I took that photo of he and I with a cute little point and shoot camera I bought that fits right in my purse. I love love love my dslr, but it isn't always conveninent. We're going to Ontario in July this summer, with plans of seeing Niagra Falls again. The last time we were there, we didn't go on the Maid of the Mist, cause I didn't want to wreck my camera. My little p&s is not only waterproof, but drop proof up to 5 feet, and that little baby takes some pretty good photos. I love Olympus... *sigh*

The "You are my sunshine" layout was based on a Becky Fleck sketch. The "Go" layout was so fun to layer lots of pretty patterened paper... double sided paper is my favorite.
Anyways, hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend, see you soon!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

do we dare say SUMMER is here!!!

Here is my June kit, Loved the colours in this kit!!!!!! this is one of my favorite pics of missA and a very fun LO.

Well this kit was sure challenging for me to say the least!!!! and i sure needed it for a challenge.
how i found it challenging was to go from "serious " papers to more of a "cartoon" kind of paper...sure got me thinking out side of my box, especially when kari told me to use the other side of the papers!!!!

this layout took me about 3 hours with something new, its all beaded with floss and wire.

above is some pics from camping last year i think i still need to embellish more on this one!!!!!

hope u all love this kit and have some great layouts to share with us!!!

soooooo ...u will be seeing more of me in the store also, i gave notice ...*finally* last week and will be helping kari out more, cause the store is a little more family friendly.
update*** my hubby is going back to work at charlton & hill at the end of the month which means that i get to be home with the gurls for the summer in turn means more in the store...yeahhhhhhhhhhhh for tammy!!!

School is going very good !!! my grades are very good and im loving what im doing. anyone intersted in a massage leave ur name and number here and i will get back to you...

have a great week ladies


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ick, it is hot!

I am not a hot weather person. I deal with it it on vacation - as long as there is a breeze, I am by a pool or on a beach and have a cold drink in hand. I do not prefer it in my real, everyday life. I hate being hot and sticky. My computer has a cool widgit on it that tells me the temperature outside. It is already 25C. ugh. Yuck. I am not a fan. i say bring on fall and winter! hahaha

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I hope that you are taking photos to capture your memories.

I am off to my basement where it is WAY cooler and am going to finish my July kit :) I am going to Costco tomorrow. I am going to spend a lot of time in the veggie cooler to get away from the heat hahahaha

Have a good one!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lets Hit 6000!!!
So everyone, we are not far from 6000 hits on this Blog...please forward our blog on to anyone you know who would be interested, and see if we can hit 6000 by Friday...:)

Surprise Challenge Winners!!!
Well it was another tuff one for all of you who came in to judge...there were several favorites, but by far everyone did a fabulous job. So our Winners are as follows:

1st: Bonnie from Taber
2nd: Sheri from Coaldale

1st: Danielle from Lethbridge **Summer Fun**
2nd: Kathy from Lethbridge **FUN layout**

Thank you to all who entered & to all who judged. Please join us again for our next challenge, which is now ready to go, from now till the end of June, with judging the first week in July.

Make n Take it Friday's...
Make sure you stop by on Friday's to check out our make n take it's. Make n Take is free if you spend $20, or the fee is $2....but you won't be disappointed.

:) Thanks again everyone....have a fabulous week.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Snow in June....who'd believe it?

Can you believe it's snowing out there??? It's JUNE! I know it's Canada, but seriously?? Snow? Who ticked off Mother Nature? And you know what I'm gonna do about it? Other than nothing? Scrap it. I think I need some photos of snow in June. Crazy, crazy stuff. I have sunburns on my feet for crying out loud!
Otherwise, how are you this morning? What kind of scrappy stuff have you been up to lately? I've spent the last hour editing photos and getting them ready to print. I'm also going to take some family photos of some close friends of ours today, and tonight I get to babysit my niece, Lexi! I'm so excited! I was in the store last Thursday with my mom. A quick, last minute decision to go in to the city, and man... Mel really knows how to shop for me!! LOL! I've got some fun stuff I can't wait to play with.
Anyways, I dropped off my kit creations (which I totally loved, BTW) and a few other fun layouts that I thought I'd show off here:This one here makes me laugh, cause I took this photo a few days before Easter this year, and the weather was sooooo warm, that I thought for sure I'd be nice and tanned by this time of year instead of digging out my winter coat (again). And do you see that yellow? Yep, yellow. Ronni's using the colour yellow, and totally loving it. A LOT! As you can see by the next layout too.

Yah, I know! More yellow! Dude! And green too! Not my comforting red, black, and white. Actual colours, LOL! This is my sister. She doesn't know that I've not only scrapped these goofy photos of her, but posted them to the blog. Shhh, our little secret. (How can you tell I'm the older sister?)

K, I seriously have to go shower and get ready for the day soon. Hopefully it really *will* be spring soon... perhaps we'll even have a summer this year?

~ronni =D

Monday, June 1, 2009

Have you Joined our Challenge of 12 yet???

We are now 1/2 way there, can you believe it??? If you haven't started, truly you still could...June's topic is Fathers, or important Men in your life...
Can't wait to see what everyone is coming up with.

Enjoy & hope to see you soon.