Saturday, September 26, 2009

My turn too!

I haven't seen what the other girls have created yet... feels like forever since I've been to the store! BUT!!! I'm coming to the Crop-tober fest in a few weeks!! So excited!! My mom and I will be there, so be sure to say hi and introduce yourself to us! I'm already planning all the layouts I want to do in my head. I sure could use some UNINTERUPTED scrappy time! LOL! So here are my cards... simple, easy for you to duplicate. And how cute are those dogs?? I hear we all used googly eyes. I love googly eyes!

When we were in Ontario this summer, we visited with good friends, and his mom is a real live clown. Like, that is her job! She was generous enough to give Darby a clown costume (which incidently has been almost worn as much as any other outfit she owns). Darby is also now a clown... taken the oath and everything. And if you know my little D. you know how much of a clown she already is. And can you guess what she'll be for halloween? These papers were perfect for the bright colours of her costume! Fun, eh?
And another one of my Darby girl, and again, this photo was taken in Ontario. The challenge was to use a song, and "I'm Supergirl" by Suzie Macneil is one of Darby's favorite songs. Loved the papers in this kit... very versitile... very fun. Did a little bit of stitchin on the layout, wrote my journaling on strips of masking tape, and added the buttons from the kit... drooling over the buttons, LOL!!
See the stitching? buttons? masking tape? Cool, huh what can be done with simple supplies.
Another simple one of some of the flower pictures I took this summer. The flower is something I modified from something I found online. One of my favorite stamping blogs showed you how to make flowers with heart stamps. I don't have any heart stamps, but I did have several sizes of heart chipboard. I traced 4 hearts in 3 different sizes, inked the edges, curled the edges, layered them, and used a brad to hold them all together. Similar look to what I'd seen on line, but modified to the supplies I had on hand. And note to self, I want heart stamps, to try it the way I'd seen! LOL!

And finally, my sweet nephew! He's so very cute in the hat his other grandma gave him for his first birthday. I cut a strip of the ric-rac pattern from one of the sheets and used it there on the left side. The "bug" looked like it would disappear on the dark blue paper, so I put it on the cream, cut around it, and put it back together. Loved the font!
So yep, there was lots to love with this kit. Had a lot of fun and hardly had anything leftover. Love it when that happens!
Take care, and I hope to see you down at the store in a few weeks! :D
~Ronni H.

Friday, September 25, 2009

better late than never...right???

This kit was a great challenge for me to say the least, but once i got working with it, it all came together very nicely!!!
this layout i wanted to show you that i actually cut out the butterfly out of a pic and used it as an embellishment on the page...this was the size of the butterfly, it was so beautiful.

the paper in this kit totally reminded me of grandma's quilts , so i thought it would be good to honour her and do a 4 generations layout. the pics arent great but i used them anyway because i dont know when ill get more pics of all of us together.

this card has so much bling on its very bright, i hand stiched beads, and used glitter on it.

i love this layout....i inked around the words at the top to give more depth to the word and stamped with the distress always complaining about how i cant get a nice family if u cant beat them ..join them!!!

I hope that you all have fun with kit there are some great papers in there..especially if u want to do LO's about grandma's or other specail people in your life.
hope u all have a great weekend...ill be in school on saturday so think of me :)
ohhhh ....u have to come see the make n' take today its so stinkin cute!!!!!
have u all registered for the crop-tober weekend??? hope to see lots of familliar faces.. anyway ..stock needs to be put out and classes later...

Friday, September 18, 2009


Our order of glitter & tape has just arrived....more new colors. Plus the translucent has come in as well. I just can't explain how beautiful this product is to work with, if you haven't seen me demo it, stop by & I will be happy to show you.

:) thxs & have a great weekend. Kari
So it's back to school for me now. I'm on my second (and final) year of Optical Sciences. When I'm done in the spring (if all goes well) I'll be a licensed Optician. Makes me sound like a grown up! I'll be glad to be done... the reading is very dry, the math is extensive, and I don't have as much time for scrappy stuff. Have to get priorities right though, huh?

I thought I have a few minutes now, can I show you some of my latest projects? I haven't even brought these down to the store yet...
From the time I was 1 until I was 5, we lived in a very small village where my dad ran the grain elevator. Sadly, my grandmother passed away in mid-August, and her funeral was held near where I lived. While this isn't the elevator that my dad worked at, it is only 10 minutes down the road from there and one of the few UGGs that I know that are still standing.

I didn't bring my "good" camera with me to the funeral, but I did have a p&s (point & shoot) that I take with me everywhere for times just like this. I would like to go back with my good camera when I have more time.

So with this layout I had some older paper that I wanted use up. I used a little bit of mists and some Heidi Swapp letters for the title. Punched butterflies out of old book paper. Added a little paint here and there.

And the scallops along the right side are actually circle stamps (Maya Road) stamped close together and cut out. Love me some buttons all over the place. I accidently ripped the green paper in one spot, but I liked how it looked and didn't fret too much over it. The spray smeared all over the white paint cause I didn't let it dry long enough, but I liked the look of that too. I traced with a zig all the letters of my titling too.

Um, not sure if there's anything else interesting about this, but I sure liked how it turned out. I do have pictures of the last kit around here somewhere that I'll dig out and show you sometime soon too.

Until then, have fun!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So exciting so I just had to share.... a whole bunch of new peel offs have just arrived...276 of them to be exact, LOL! Also 140 sticky peel offs... amazing designs, NEW to LETHBRIDGE, they are from Elizabeth Crafts... any of you loving your new glitter, then these are a great addition, you have to get in here....and if you haven't seen it yet, STOP BY, and we will be happy to show you.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


So everyone are you a big TEA Drinker??? Very exciting new Libre Tea Glasses & 5 flavors of loose leaf tea have arrived!

New Libre Tea glasses are ideal for tea on the GO! The glasses are leak proof and thermal, and come with removable stainless steel filters for easy preparation. The glass n poly tea glass has a durable polycarbonate exterior and a heat resistant glass interior for easy handling and clean taste.

Our 5 first flavors are...Earl Grey, Dragonwell Green Tea, Cranberry Apple, Blueberry White & Chocolate Mint... Spread the word & come in to see. :)

Have a good one....see you all soon!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One does not realize....

how much you use the internet and email until you do not have it working for a week! I have beek out of commission since last Wednesday when it went out. Not impressed. Oh well. I am back for now.

So, I was scrapbooking at the store on Saturday with my friend Lisa and I was peeking through the Canadian Scrapbooker magazine for fall. Did anyone see the picture of Kari and Kathy in there? They attended a most amazing retreat earlier this year and the photo is in the magazine. Check it out!

Oh and here are a few more layouts I have scanned and wanted to share.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Surprise Challenge Time

Our next surprise challenge will be ready for pick up Friday September 4th...Contest will run from Sept. 4th to 25th. Judging from Sept 26 to Oct 3rd and will announce the winner by October 5th. Come challenge yourself with a layout package, or a card package...

Have a great weekend everyone...remember tomorrow is Make n Take it Friday, come & see what we have planned.

12 Challenge...
Your topic for this month is favorites...take 12 pictures of your favorites, could be anything really. Your favorite drink, favorite time of day, color, piece of clothing, room, place, person, animal, & then tell why. Make sense??? I think this could be a fun one...can't wait to see what you come up with.